Shareit for Windows PC is an innovative way to share files, emails and text messages from a device to another device. This app can be used in Desktops, Mobiles, and Tablets. By using Shareit on your mobile, you can transfer photos, music, videos and documents to your PC.

SHAREit for PC (Windows 7, 10, 8, 8.1)

So Shareit is an app which can be used to transfer any type of files between all of your devices. You do not need any wire or cable to transfer the data from one device to another. And the files can be transferred at a high speed between two devices as the Shareit App creates Wi-Fi Direct Connection. This free file sharing app works in almost every operating systems. No matter the size of your file, the Shareit can transfer data in a flash from your phone to PC or PC to phone. The Shareit Application is developed by Lenovo.

SHAREit App for Windows PC

SHAREit for PC

We all know that it takes a lot of time to share files using Bluetooth. It is very annoying to transfer files at a low speed. This file sharing app sends your data quickly and in a convenient manner. You can share music, video, photo and document files almost instantly between your phones, tablets, and PCs. The Shareit App is easy to install in your mobile or PC. And after that, you will not have any issued related to slow transfer as the app use Wi-Fi Direct connection to share files from one device to another. The users do not need any mobile data, cables or Wifi for connecting two devices. It is very simple and easy to use this free file sharing app.

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SHAREit for Android

You can sue the Shareit Application for all your Windows, Android, and iOS Devices. All you need to use this app is a wifi functionality. You can transfer large files within seconds by using this amazing app. There are a lot of features in this innovative file sharing application that helps in sharing the files from your PC to mobile or from PC to PC.

Amazing Features Of Shareit Application

SHAREit Application

  1. The amazing features of Shareit app are definitely going to make you happy.
  2. Allows the transfer of large files and videos within seconds.
  3. It can be used between PC to PC, Phone to PC, i.e., between all of your devices.
  4. Can transfer data at a higher speed.
  5. Can share all kind of files like music, videos, photos, documents and so on.
  6. The Shareit app is supported by almost every operating system like Android, Windows and iOS devices.
  7. It provides Self Sharing. That is the app itself can be shared to other devices wirelessly.

Download Shareit For PC

To Download, the Shareit application click on the download button. The Shareit can be easily installed on a PC, and you do not need any Android Emulators like Bluestacks to run the application. The Shareit app is supported on Windows PCs. If you download the app, it is easy for you to transfer the files from one PC to another PC.

Here you can download the Shareit for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP. This app will run without any difficulty in almosts all operating systems.

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